Stowarzyszenie Sportu Młodzieżowego Wisła Płock began in November 2011 and was entered in the National Court Register on 16th March 2012 under number 0000414672. The first representatives of the Management Board were: The President of the Board – Marek Woliński, the Supervisory Board - Dariusz Krzywkowski, Mariusz Skołt and Zbigniew Mierzyński.

In July 2012, as a result of resignation of the President of the Management Board - Marek Woliński, the position of the President of the Management Board was taken by Marcin Lig, a longstanding youth football coach in Wisła Płock. The new Management Board composed of the Vice-President of the Management Board – Mariusz Jasiński – a businessman from Płock, the Supervisory Board – Dariusz Krzywkowski, Mariusz Skołt and Zbigniew Mierzyński. On 27th July 2012, SSM Wisła Płock signed an official cooperation agreement with Wisła Płock S.A., as a result, the association became in charge of training eight age groups. At present, the most crucial function in the association have: Dariusz Grodkiewicz – the President of the Management Board, Marcin Lig – the Vice-President of the Management Board in charge of Sport and Finances and Mariusz Jasiński – the Vice-President of the Management Board in charge of Infrastructure and Marketing. The association trains 11 age groups born from 2000 to 2010.

Additionally, we organise “Football Kindergarten” commercial activities for children born in 2009-2012. In 2014, in cooperation with the City Social Welfare Centre in Płock, we were granted from the “Grant Fund for Płock” Foundation for carrying out the “Football holiday with Wisła Płock” project.

Annually, we receive grants from the Płock City Hall for carrying out the public tasks of the project concerning supporting and promoting physical education – “Organising Sports and Recreation events in Płock – Cycle Football Tournament under the Balloon” and “Organising sports training and taking part in sports competitions with a specific focus on football league events”.

In 2016, thanks to the donation agreement made with “ORLEN – Dar Serca” Foundation, Stowarzyszenie Sportu Młodzieżowego Wisła Płock was able to organise a free day camp known as “Football Holiday with ORLEN”. PKN ORLEN S.A. became the main sponsor of the project. “Football Holiday with ORLEN” is a cycle of stationary training camps and football tournaments organised for the youths from Płock from 4th to 30th July 2016. Within the project, participating boys and girls learned basic football techniques and tactics while playing games. The trainings were conducted by experienced coaches. Most of them train football players in SSM Wisła Płock. Apart from the football trainings, which took place on the sports facilities of the major league Wisła Płock, other attractions were organised, such as: visiting the ZOO in Płock with a guide, going to the Podolanka swimming pool, visiting the “Happy Park” playroom in Stróżewko. As a result, 365 participants took part in the project.

Moreover, the association organises Polish Football Tournament -“FutboLOVE TUMY” for children from public education and care centres and children’s homes, as well as, Football Tournament for Companies that has gained a great popularity for the last few years.

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Youth Sport Association Wisła Płock

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